Lobster Cantonese Style



1. Crack open egg and place yolk and white into bowl. Beat the egg thoroughly. Add 4 tea spoons of soy sauce to the bowl.

2. Take 3 table spoons of black beans and place into bowl. Soak beans in water for several minutes. While beans are soaking, strip 5 cloves of garlic and cut them up into very fine pieces. Empty the bowl of water and add the pieces of garlic. Then mix the garlic and beans well.

3. Wash the lobster, and break off their claws. Poke chopstick up anus to remove toxic stuff. Remove head shell and remove organs and throw them away. Then cut the lobster tail off. Cut lobster tail in half lateral Then tail cut into quarters. Cut body into quarters as well. Cut claws at joint. Then cut claw peice in half.
Then repeat for second lobster.
(Hint: Use a big sharp meat cleaver to cut the lobster, its kinda tough to cut. The QVC cut through anything knife works really well too)

4. Put pot on stove and turn to hi.

5. Add oil.

6. Add black beans and garlic from second bowl.

7. Add lobster after the garlic has begun to brown.

8. Cover pot for 3 min

9. Add egg and soy sauce from first bowl.

10. Turn burner off. Let sit on remaining heat for a minute and then serve

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