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These Are a Bunch of Gaming Things I Made.

I know that some of these items are a bit out of date now that Third (and a half) Edition is out, but some are still useful for roleplaying and such.

I made a bunch of gaming aids for AD&D that I found to be very useful. They are in Microsoft Word V7.0 and Microsoft Excel V7.0. If you don't have these versions, still try to download them, and you may be able to use them. I also found a .WAV file of the Highlander theme. Just thought you'd enjoy it.

These things are in no way meant to be Official TSR products, or meant to infringe on anyone's copyrights. I just happened to make these for myself, and other people liked them, so I thought I'd share.

Just to let you know, all the files just pop up on the screen (no file transfer). You can still save them from there. You'll need to use the back function on your browser to get back to this page though.

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