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My Official Photo (which is actually already out of date...).

Me at a recent NDIA Symposium in Class A Uniform. Lookit that fruit salad...

Me when I graduated from Pilot Training.

Getting ready to go to a Ren Faire, after a few days worth of leave.

Here is the program that was used in my retirement program back in 2009. Figure this is probably better than what I had up there:

Major Steve Lundquist was assigned to the Capabilities Integration Directorate, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

Major Lundquist was born in Uddevalla, Sweden, to a Swedish father and a German mother, both who had just been naturalized citizens of the United States. He lived in Sweden for 10 years with his family, before moving to Owl's Head, Maine, in 1976. He was active, and excelled, in school athletic programs and dominated in academia.

After he graduated as a high school Valedictorian in 1985, Major Lundquist pursued a Bachelors of Science degree, majoring in Aeronautical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. His academic accomplishments at the institution were accompanied by various affiliations, such as his active involvement in the Reserve Officer Training Corps, the International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, and other campus organizations that fostered his academics, student leadership, professional development, and community service.

Upon completing his college education and commissioning through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Steve was assigned to his first station at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. His primary duties as an operations research analyst for the Deputy Chief of Staff for Acquisition Logistics consisted of performing analysis on important programs, such as Air Force One and the new C-17 airlifter. In December of 1990, he was selected for a position in the protocol office with senior leadership of the Aeronautical Systems Center. Additionally, he was elected as the president of the center Company Grade Officer Council, leading them to new horizons through the formation of the base-wide Company Grade Officer Council, an organization that supported the needs of all company grade officers assigned at Wright-Patt. In March of 1993, he was awarded with a permanent change of station to Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas to begin his Undergraduate Pilot Training.

Following the conclusion of his training in 1994, he transferred to McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas as a motivated pilot and leader of the Airmen in the 384th Air Refueling Squadron. His maturity and leadership skills furthered while he took on roles as Flight Commander, instructor pilot, and Chief of Plans and Mobility for the squadron. These duties entailed major responsibilities as he exercised command over the air and ground activities of 16 specialized combat-ready crewmembers, supported Special Operations missions, assumed command in the absence of the squadron commander and operations officer, implemented specialized instructions for the KC-135 weapons system, and refined crew deployment efficiency in support of contingency operations. During his time in the KC-135, Major Lundquist participated in numerous operations, such as UNITED SHIELD, RESTORE FREEDOM, SOUTHERN WATCH, DECISIVE ENDEAVOR, TOURNIQUETE MILE, CRIMSON FURY, and ALLIED FORCE. He was also part of the initial cadre for the Air Force’s PACER CRAG upgrade to the KC-135, and the only NSO in the Air Force qualified for receiver operations. His career, motivation to teach, and opportunities to excel continued at a new location as he transferred to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska in March of 2000 to fly the C-21 Learjet.

His new assignment allowed him to execute orders as the Assistant Director of Operations and Acting Director of Operations for the 311th Airlift Flight. He enjoyed the opportunities of flying in and out of different airfields that most pilots were not privileged to see. Deployed in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations, he commanded the Balkans Regional Air Movement Control Center at the Combined Air Operations Center to stabilize and shift air traffic in the former Yugoslavia to sovereign nation authority. He was again honored when he was appointed as the Chief of Standardizations and Evaluations on his return to the 311th Airlift Flight. He distinguished himself by receiving an “Outstanding” on a Staff Assistance Visit.

In 2003, he relocated to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida for a career broadening tour in acquisitions where he applied his operational experience and leadership as a program manager, source selections panelist, and Command Directed investigator for the Air Armament Center. As the program manager, he had authority over a $450 million program, responsible for purchasing the first new subscale aerial target that the Air Force has seen in 30 years. He was later by name requested by the Center Commander to weaponize Unmanned Aerial Systems with new and emerging technologies to solve the urgent and compelling need for urban and difficult terrain close air support. He recently made a short tour to Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, as the Chief of 7th Air Force Training, Deputy A-3, and 7th Air Force Defense Readiness Reporting System Program Manager. It was a remote assignment where he became a key performer during numerous exercises such as Ulchi Focus Lens and RSOI, some of the largest command post exercises in the world. When he returned to Eglin, he further immersed himself in cutting edge technology as the program manager for numerous directed energy programs; from millimeter wave weapons to high energy solid state lasers.

His decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal 3OLC, Air Medal, Aerial Achievement Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal 3OLC, the Air Force Achievement Medal 2OLC, and numerous campaign medals and service awards. He is a Command Pilot with over 3100 hours in the KC-135, C-21, and T-38. He has over 100 combat or combat support sorties totaling more than 430 hours.

Major Lundquist is looking forward to his retirement from the Air Force and whatever new challenges await him. He is married to the former Brooke A. Minix of Dayton, Ohio. They have one child, a daughter.

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