Why LarianLeQuella.com?

Well, it's sort of a long and complicated story in its own way, and just a little weird, like me. When I first started playing D&D back in 1978, the first character I made was modeled a bit after Legolas from Lord of the Rings (hey, I was only 12, my imagination wasn't that original I guess). As an Elven Ranger I wanted to wander the world to do good. I played around with some consonant and vowel sounds until I finally settled on Larian as a name. It had just that right sound for a memorable Elven Ranger. A little mysterious and yet nothing that was impossible to pronounce.

I used Larian as the name of any elven ranger I made from that point forward! I was involved in many different and even parallel campaigns, so a lot of people got to know Larian. His story for the Forgotten Realms is on my AD&D page. Of course, I needed a last name. Larian had many last names, but none really suited him. That is until I went to a Gaming Convention in 1985. There a fellow by the name of Ed Greenwood was running an adventure (Ed Who?). This was a "bring your own character" type thing, so I brought my Elven Ranger. Before we all got started, he asked if I wanted to help him with an adventure hook, and asked if I yould be part of a minor Noble Family of Evermeet. It sounded like something fun, so I agreed. The Noble family name was Le'Quella. Well, that was the name that finally fit!

Of course, since I really like this name so much, and that I identify with it, the name Larian LeQuella will follow me in all my online incarnations. Hence the domain name. I also used the name in EverQuest as well as currently in Dark Age of Camelot. As a matter of fact, in DAoC, the name Larian has started get a little bit of fame as far as being a ranger, a guild leader, and all around nice guy. It's funny how these things just sort of grow into something that one really never planned on!

So there you have it. Since 1978 I have been Larian, and of course, the LeQuella part was just waiting for him. It is almost scary to think that the name is older than many of the people that will be reading this! My wife is embarrassed every time she hands out her email address though. Maybe I need to buy a domain that she won't find so objectionable. So that's the story!

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