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Cool Stuff - I made some Cool Stuff for my game. Use this link to get them for yourself. With the third edition rules out, most of these are a bit out of date, but some are still excellent roleplaying aids.

Okay, on to one of my favorite subjects. I love AD&D. I don't know what it is about the gamer that makes me like it so much. It is just a game, and I treat it as such. I just love creating rich and detailed characters in amazing and exciting adventures. One of these days. I'd like to try to write a trashy paperback adventure novel set in the Forgotten Realms.

One of the things I really like about the latest set of optional rules is the Skills and Powers expansion. This lets you create characters with many different skills, and weaknesses, so they just aren't the standard cookie cutter character. I've created some very concise character sheets to use with these options. Use the link above to get at them.

The Forgotten Realms Timeline - I also got a concise Forgotten Realms timeline if you would care to look at it.

Here's the story on my favorite character. This is basically the justification for why he is the way he is. He has done the first two parts of the Randal Morn series. We are looking for a DM to take us through the rest of the modules (our's moved). My wife, Jason, and I are in the group so far (2 rangers and a specialty priest of Tempus).

Well, here's the story:

Larian was born in Leuthilspar, on the island of Evermeet. His father is the Grand Master of Longswords, Correlis LeíQuella (CG em F9), and his mother is Kyanis (CG ef R7) a Wild elf. Larian has a couple of very famous grand-parents, namely his fatherís father, Lord Alinar LeíQuella (CG em F13), and his motherís father, Skalanis (CG em R14). All these people spent a great deal of time with Larian as he was growing up, and taught him many of their skills.
His motherís family was responsible for his independent and solitary nature. He spent a lot of his early life with the Wild elves, and this was when he decided that he wanted to be a Ranger. During a coming to adulthood ceremony, he had a vision in a meditation lodge of a great bear leading him through a tangled forest and a treacherous cave network. His motherís tribe took this as a sign meaning that his totem animal is a bear. This didnít surprise Kyanis or Skalanis, since Larian was already showing his great physical strength. To honor his totem animal, Larian had a tattoo put on his left bicep (closest to his heart).
After he had learned the ways of the woods, Larian decided to learn the ways of the sword from his father. He studied the longsword very diligently, and even mastered the difficult Bladesong technique. On top of that, he even learned how to use longswords and the Bladesong in both hands at the same time! His intense efforts werenít without sacrifice though. Since he studied so hard on just a few weapons, he can only use a very limited group with any proficiency, and canít handle any. He considers that a small price to pay for the harmony he has achieved with the Bladesong and the longsword. He has a tattoo of a longsword on his right bicep. (Unbeknownst to Larian, both his tattoos were endowed with magic by the Create Enchanted Tattoo spell and having Totem Sisters put them on him with their special magic.) Due to his dual upbringing, he tends to look and carry himself like a Moonelf, but dress and act like a Wild elf.
While at his fatherís house in Leuthilspar, he also received the education that a Noble born elf would normally receive. He studied the Arts with the house matriarch Huquethae (NG ef W18), and convinced her that, should he be able to gather the proper materials, she would enchant a composite short bow for him. He knows that he needs Pegasus tail hair, given freely, for the string. It will also require an evil wizardís Wand of Magic Missiles taken from his hand while he is still conscious, bone from a female Manticore killed by one blow, leather from a white Displacer Beastís hide, Yew wood from a tree hit by lightning, Shadowtop wood from a tree taller than 400 feet, and Duskwood from a tree growing at a battle site. There are other materials that are required, but Huquethae said that he will know them when he sees them, so she wouldnít reveal them yet.
Larian also learned some of the arts of diplomacy and warfare with his grandfather. Larian was made a Lieutenant in the army of Leuthilspar, and trained in the martial arts as a scout (adding to his already considerable tracking skills). As a Lieutenant, he is in charge of a six person guerrilla strike team. The team consists of other Rangers, all versed in Bladesong, longswords, and bows. He also attended the Queenís court with his grandfather. After attending court with Lord Alinar several times, and hearing of the evil Zhentarim, Larian decided that he wanted to go to Faerun, and fight these evil men. Larian feels that the elves belong back on Faerun as a major race, as in the days of Myth Drannor. Once evil men have been conquered, elves and the other races can live in harmony again. Since Larian was so young (barely one hundred), his elders decided to humor him and allowed him to go to the mainland.
Larianís first encounter with humans was with the captain of the "Mist-Walker", Carreigh Macumail (CG hm F8). During the two week voyage to Waterdeep, Larian and Carreigh became good friends, and often stayed up many a night discussing happenings in the Realms. After only a few days at sea, Larian accidentally ran in to Karselílyn Lylyl-Lytherraias (CG e(drow)f C12) (she was suffering from seasickness, and Larian heard her). After his initial shock, and a quick intervention by Carreigh, Larian came to like the renegade Drow. Her addition to the late night discussions helped cement Larian and Carreighís friendship. During this time, Larian also learned about the worshipers of Eilistraee, and has added the goal of brining as many Drow to her side, or any other good deity, as he can. When the "Mist-Walker" finally arrived in Waterdeep, Larian had a small adventure saving Karselílyn from the Drow assassin known as Mourn. Although Larian was no match for Mourn, serendipity played in his favor.
After spending a bit of time in Waterdeep, to see what human culture had to offer, Larian made straight for Snowmantle. Finn MacCool (NG hem B), a crew member of the "Mist-Walker", decided to join Larian on his quest. They have become good friends, and Finn has been "immortalizing" Larian in song and deed. Finn decided to take up Larianís worthy quest of ridding the world of the Zhentarim and other evil influences. Located close to Zhentil Keep and Shadowdale, Larian figured Snowmantle would give them a perfect location to conduct operations. While on their trip, Larian and Finn guarded caravans for various costers and learned all they could about Faerun. It was during these travels that Larian saw a unicorn (possibly an Avatar of Mielikki) and was convinced by Mielikki to help save the forests of Faerun and defeat the unnatural evil creatures of the world and join her priesthood. She presented him with a special Holy Symbol to show his relationship with his Goddess, a jade field inlaid with ivory in the shape of a unicorn. According to Finn, the symbol contains magic of some sort.
Larian has developed tastes for certain foods and drinks during his travels. As an elf, he prefers wine, especially Evermead, Feywine, or Elverquisst, but will settle for Saerloonian Glowfire or Berduskan Dark. When feeling particularly wild, as he is wont to do from time to time, he will drink beer, preferring Tanagyrís Stout or Old One Eye, but he will also drink Shadowdale Ale or Dragonís Breath Beer. For cheeses to travel with, he likes Mist Cheese or Elturian Grey, but again, if all that is available is Vilhon Blanc or Death Cheese (the latter with Dragonís Breath Beer), heíll take it. When he eats cheese, Larian also likes to have bread. His favorites are Elvenbread or Blackbread, but he will eat whatever hasnít spoiled (such is the life of an adventurer). Unlike his grandfather, Larian likes to hunt and eat meat. His favorite meals include roast quail, roast boar, and mutton; and he has developed a taste for venison and fish also.
As an enemy of the Black Network, Larian has taken to disguising himself in the Snowmantle and Daggerdale area. With his slight elven build (compared to humans), and very pale complexion, he likes to disguise himself as a poor, sickly human that wanders the woods in a state of confusion and madness. In this guise he can appear as a harmless madman in rags, while actually fully armed and armored, and gathering information to plan his next strike. Finn uses his natural charm and Bard abilities to get information from the locals, and passes that along to Larian. As of late, his and Finnís activities against Zhentarim caravans has forced the Black Network to increase their guards, and actively hunt down the "vengeful elven sword". Since things are getting a little more complex and dangerous than Larian or Finn expected, they have decided to go to Shadowdale, and try to join the Harpers. Their goals are very similar to the Harper goals, so they figure any association will be beneficial.
Most who meet Larian find him mercurial, one moment serious and somber, and the next moment getting into a tavern brawl. This is part of Larianís dual nature as half Silver and half Green elf. He likes to live it up, but is also very determined to make a place for an elven kingdom on Faerun like in the days of old. Myth Drannor has a strong pull on Larian, and he wishes to visit the city of his familyís ancestral home. He has heard the elders of the LeíQuella family speaking of a Moonblade, by the name of "Demon Death" that was lost when the city fell, and he really wishes to recover it for his grandfather.
When Larian and Finn finally made it to Shadowdale, they headed straight for the residence of Storm Silverhand, the most famous and well known Harper in the dales. When they got to her house, she wasnít home, but they were greeted by Angharad (NG ef W), and apprentice of Stormís that had just returned from her schooling in Waterdeep. After some discussion on what to do, the three of them decided to head to the Old Skull Inn and see if they could find some employment in the service of the Harpers. On the way there, they met Lietel Cinderdane (CG ef R) at the news post. Lietel had just quit the Company of the Silver Dagger, and was also looking for some gainful employment. At the Old Skull Inn, Laheo (Elminsterís Scribe) hired them to retrieve the Sword of the Dales and rescue Randal Morn, the rightful ruler of Daggerdale. Laheo gave them some healing potions, a map to the Giantís Craw (where the tomb of Shraevyn, the sword, and Randal Morn were all at), and a magical sword. He also gave them all horses to ride and a promise of land deeds in Shadowdale.

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