A Bit About My Sword Collection

Sword Info - Click that link for the good stuff.

I desperately need to update this page. I will eventually get a couple of photos of my Del Tin, and a bunch of the other swords that I own. I am also going to post some scanned PDFs on fencing, as well as the complete Paul Chen katana cleaning thing that folks keep emailing me about. In the meantime, check out the basic information on Swords as well as the Sword Ring.

How to Clean your Paul Chen Katana - A PDF file that is a copy of the two page document you should get with your Paul Chen weapon.

Introduction to Fencing - This is a nice 12 page hand out that I received from my first fencing instructor. Has a nice run down on history and methods of modern fencing.

I am very proud to have the Largest Web Ring dedicated to Swords on the Net! Click HERE to join it and keep it growing.

Arms of Valor - Go here is you want to see a FANTASTIC selection of swords and sword pictures!

Swords of Valor - Informational site about swords sponsored by Arms of Valour. Know what you are buying, and watch demos and cutting exercises. Fun stuff!

A Page With TONS of Sword Type Info - This is one of the pages I saved from my old corporate page. It has a ton of information on live steel, edges, care of swords, tangs, and more. This is the type of stuff the web was created for! Same link as at the top.

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