This was supposed to be a sort of page for my wife to use, but since I maintain this domain, and all the pages here, I am taking ownership of this. But I won't take full credit for the recipes though. Most of them are from various cookbook collections or from friends. You'll notice that we use a lot of fattening ingredients. Sure, why not, at least they're natural. I'd rather use butter than margarine any day, because I trust cows more than I do chemists.

Anyway, here is a list of recipes that we have up so far. Keep checking back for more as I get a hold of them.

So how can we stay in any shape except for round after eating rich foods like those? Well, first of all, we don't eat huge portions! (It's that whole eat less and exercise thing!) We also watch our total calorie intake. Normally we eat smaller meals during the day, and then have the big family meal together. Um, not mush else to say really. I'm sure that people are really only here for the actual recipes anyway!.

Steve's Alternate 300 Workout

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